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Edit: though i dont tend to go to them anymore D:, and the character of Firefly isnt even a character of mine anymore, deleted her profile and such

if you had a character and an account to RP as said character and you spelt the name one way in the account name but then were bothered by the spelling but can’t change the account name what do you do? 

7 deviants said change it in the areas you Can change it, move on and stop whining
3 deviants said complain about REAL problems and not character name spelling proplems?
1 deviant said not change it if it wont match the account name anymore
1 deviant said my god all you ever do in polls is complain about sh*t!


    It was getting close to the next year, a nice rounded number; 840. The markets were always bustling at the start of the year making it a good time to try and sell things. Eliza Bodt went over her collection of herbs. Every year they were made into freshly mixed tea bags which sold relatively well.

    A small freckled five-year-old, scampered after a yellow and red ball just beyond his stubby fingers. The ball rolled under the table of herbs his mother was examining.  He peeked underneath but he couldn’t see his toy. The small boy sat heavily on the ground and pouted a glare at the table.

    The woman chuckled softly as she bent down and scooped him up. “Marco, baby, don’t make such a face, you’re not three anymore.” She brushed a few stray tufts of black hair from Marco’s forehead. “Use your words, baby.”

    Marco pointed under the table, “Can you get my ball from under there?” His mother raised an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly, waiting. “Please?”

    Eliza nodded, kissing his forehead, “There’s a good boy.” She set him down before crouching under the table. Feeling around in front of her, her hand finally landed on something soft and round. Backing out from under the table, she gave her son the ball and stood up.

    “Thanks, mommy!” Marco grinned, a gap in his smile from a missing front tooth.  His wide curious brown eyes followed his mother as she looked through her herbs again.  “What’s that for?”

    “Tomorrow’s going to be a good day to sell things at the market. I’m going to make as many tea bags as I can.”

    The tiny noiret wrinkled his nose, “That’s the same thing we did last year!”

    Eliza turned to the small boy and put her hands on her hips. “Do you have a better idea, little man?” She grinned playfully at the child.

    Marco nodded enthusiastically, “Fish!  When it was warm, me and Mattie went in the lake and she grabbed one!”

    Mama Bodt dropped her arms at her side, “Sweetie, it’s much too cold for that now.”

    “Oh…” Marco dropped his head, disheartened, rolling his ball in his hands.

    His mother tapped her chin. “Though, there might be a way, if we can get through the ice… Come on; let’s go find your father.” Taking her son’s tiny hand she started for the door.

    Marco dropped his ball, letting it roll safely off into the corner as he followed his mother out. Once outside, his mom headed to the small shed attached to the side of the house. There, she found her husband, kneeling over a basket with her daughter Mattie. They didn’t notice as she walked up. Marco yelled, “Hey! Wanna go fishing?” That got their attention.

    “Hi Marco,” his fathered smiled, “I love fish too, but I think it’s too cold now. It’s almost the start of the new year! Winter is here. Lots of snow, lots of ice.”

    “Remind me, Louis. Didn’t you used to go out on to the ice and cut a hole for fish? With Old Karl?”

    “Ah yes, I did,” he said, squinting up at his wife, the sun in his eyes. “Yes. Yes, we did.” Catching on to where this was going, Louis stood, stretching a little. He then started rummaging through the wooden chest that was used to hold larger items in the shed.  “The hand turning drill we made to cut through the ice should still be here…He gave it to me shortly before he enlisted into the Scouts…” Picking up hammers, chisels, and other tools and carefully setting them to the side, Louis finally spotted it. He saw the curling metal waves first, and stretched his fingers carefully beyond the sharp edges of the ice drill, reaching the angled handle. He grabbed the tool by the offset handle, and tugged it out into the light, turning it from side to side.

    “Ooh.” Mattie stood and peered over his father’s shoulder. “That will cut through the ice?”

    Louis nodded, checking around if any of the fishing lures made it into the chest as well. There. He found one. A small, brightly colored wooden fish seemed to stare back with tiny black painted eyes.  Curved hooks dangled from its belly; its ‘scales’ were made of netting glued to the wooden shape. Fuzzy white feathers tufted out from one end, hiding a small, very sharp hook.

    “Hey Marco, wanna see something I made years ago with one of my friends? We used to use it to catch fish. They’d try to eat it.” Heading back over to small boy, Louis held it so the boy could see it, but just out of reach.

    Marco’s eyes widened as he looked over the lure. “It’s a fish! Why would a fish want to bite a fish?”

    Louis chucked softly, “Well, fish are carnivores; they eat other fish.”

    Marco tilted his head questioningly “Like those big people other grownups talk about? And why we have the big walls?”

    “Sorta, but those aren’t other people.” Louis cleared his throat. “Anyway, we should be able to get some fish with a few of these!”

    Marco bounced happily up and down. “Can we keep some and eat them too?”

    His father ruffled his son’s hair, smiling warmly. “If we catch enough, sure.”

    “Yay!” Ushered by his mother, the small boy skipped back into the house.

    Packing the extra stuff back into the trunk but taking out a spool of heavy wire and long wooden poles, Louis called over his shoulder, “You wanna come too, Mat, right?”

    The blonde nodded enthusiastically. “Yes of course! Ice-fishing is a good thing to know!”

    He nodded with approval. After putting the stuff back in the crate, they followed the others into the house. There, they found Marco shoving his arm into a thick woolen jacket as his mom held the collar. She was already bulky with shirts, trousers and a woolen coat, a knitted cap yanked down to her eyebrows. Another fuzzy hat poked out of an oversized pocket.

    After they were all dressed warmly and found a bin for carrying fish, they went to the lake. They stepped onto the ice carefully. Louis looked around, and then called to his children.

    “Okay. Can you two brush the snow off the ice, from about here,” he stretched out his left arm, “to here?” he added, reaching his right arm out at an angle. The space between both arms covered about 10 feet. “Go slowly, and listen very carefully for any cracking sounds. Your mom and I will listen too.”

    Mattie and Marco slid slowly out, then swept their feet off to the side, pushing snow away. Marco grabbed some snow and crumbled it between his hands. Swap! White now clung to Mattie’s jacket from where Marco’s ice ball struck home.  Between snowballs, their mittened hands cleared the circle of ice.

    Louis put the tip of the drill on the ice, putting pressure on it as he rotated the handle. Little by little it started to chip into the ice.  Mattie watched his every move, then silently reached for the drill. Marco’s eyes widened as Mattie held the top wooden knob with one hand, while rotating her other handed below it as she clutched the side handle. The wide, sharpened curves of drill blade bit into the frozen lake, widening a circular hole.

    Taking turns, Mattie and Louis deepened the hole. With a downward jerk, the last bit of ice gave way. Louis set the drill aside, and widened the hole with a short narrow saw. The lure was threaded onto one end of a length of wire, the other attached to a rod. The wooden fish was slipped through the hole.

    Nothing seemed to happen for several minutes.  Marco could feel cold seeping through to his skin, and his small mouth gathered into a pout. This was boring. Just then, the rod in his hands bounced, and something heavy pulled on the line.  Mattie grabbed onto the pole and pulled.  First a shiny pointed jaw appeared, then with one last tug, a fish slithered out onto the ice. Its mouth opened and closed, and flopped about, raising its head and tail. “That’s a perch!” smiled their mom, as she scooped it between her hands and dropped it into the bin.

     One after another, four perches joined the first one in the bin.

    “Must be a school of them just below,” Louis observed.  Marco giggled and excitedly asked if he could reel in the next one. This one tugged a lot harder and the little boy almost had the rod pulled right out of his tiny grip.

    His sister grabbed the pole again and together they pulled out a long grey fish with small black spots. It was slimy and had long thick whiskers around its mouth.

    “A catfish? I didn’t know there were any in this lake,” the mother mused, looking wide-eyed at the large whiskered fish flopping around on the line. After a moment of struggling, Louis took it off the line and put it in the bin with the other fish.

    Marco reached down to pet the catfish muttering “It’s a cat? I didn’t know there were water-cats…” but Mattie gently caught his arm.

    “No, no kiddo, it might bite you. It’s not too happy about being caught, see?”

    Marco watched the catfish bump around in the bin.

    “Oh. Ok, can I pet it later when it’s not mad? It’s a cat, but it’s not making me sneeze!”

    His parents and sister chuckled a bit.

    “It’s not actually a cat, Marco,” his father started, grinning, “it’s only called a catfish because of its whiskers.”

    Marco looked back down at the fish before looking back up at his parents. “Can we keep this one?”

    His parents pondered the idea. Catfish, while interesting looking, were often regarded as the scavengers as they mostly feed off of waste at the bottom: dead fish or the leftovers from other fish. Not too likely to sell, but the Bodt’s wouldn’t have any problems with eating it. After a moment his mother nodded, “Yes we’ll keep this one.” She smiled. “And you caught it too, you needed a little help pulling it out, but this was your first catch!”

    Marco helped carry the bin back home, though in reality he mostly held on to the side. He grinned with pride for catching such a big fish. This would feed all of them.

    Back home, the tools were cleaned, dried and put away. Louis spiked the fish, and drained out the blood behind the shed. He dumped the water from the bin and filled the bottom with snow,  then placed all the perch that were caught on top of this. More snow was packed over them.

    Louis bled out the catfish, then using a long thin knife, slit the belly. Quickly, he gutted Marco’s prize catch, but he carefully avoided damaging the whiskers or the wide heavy head. Then, he scooped the fish onto a platter and went back inside the house.

    Because Marco had wanted to pet it earlier, he first let the young boy touch the fish, feeling its whiskers and its smooth, slimy skin. He then told Marco to go wash his hands, and took the fish into the kitchen area to help his wife cook it for dinner.
New Year's Fish

    It’s the final day in the year 839, and a young Marco thinks of an interesting way to spend new years eve.

(It’s a little late, I wanted to post this ON new years eve but with spending time with family and a computer that freezes and crashes every few minutes that didn’t happen. Oh well, at least it’s not like a new years fic that didn’t get posted until like the summer right?)

    Jean huffed in annoyance as he pulled his coat tighter, glaring as his breath rose into the falling snow. There was very little the two-toned haired teen actually liked about winter.

    Glancing at stalls as he passed, the teen kept a look out for something in particular. The only problem was he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for. If only the mission had ended sooner, he might have had more time to think of something. Jean cursed himself under his breath. He shouldn’t think like that, everyone risked death on those missions, he was lucky he made it back at all. Complaining about not getting back sooner was stupid, and insulting to those who didn’t make it back.

    Giving up on that row, Jean stomped down a thin alley to another line of stalls, filled with people trying to sell stuff. He tried to not glare as his boots crunched in the snow.

    Jean bitterly scowled at the items he passed. Nothing was good enough. He wanted to give Marco something special, not just some last minute piece of trash.

    As he trudged past people and stalls a pair of children rushed by him, one almost knocking right into him in the hurry.  Jean side-stepped quickly, though he watched the kids run. Slung over a small shoulder was a pair of homemade ice skates.

    Jean’s eyes widened as he stared after the children. It would take a lot of work to make this idea a possibility but if it could be done, it would be perfect.

    Sprinting back to the Scouting Legion headquarters, being careful to not slip on patches of ice, or run into people himself, Jean threw open doors as he made his way to Hanji’s lab.

    “Hanji is it possible to make really, really – we’re talking very – braced boots that I can have Marco stand in without him falling over?” Jean called all in one breath as he burst through the door. Jean then leaned on the open door to catch his breath.

    Hanji leaned back in the chair and contemplated Jean.  “He wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but standing would be fine, why?”

    Jean crossed his arms over his chest, still trying to seem tough. He glanced away, though his cheeks went slightly pink. “Just standing is fine, he can hold onto me the whole time. I want to take him ice skating while it’s still cold enough.”

    Hanji grinned and jumped up from the chair before grabbing Jean by the arm and dashing from the room. They pulled Jean to their lab and only then released his arm.  They pointed to the closet. “Find a pair of boots that’re at least one size too big for Marco.”

    Jean jogged to the closet, while Hanji selected various leg harnesses from a nearby collection of 3DMG straps. Once Jean returned, Hanji wrapped a few leg harnesses around each boot. After tightening the straps, Hanji examined one boot closely, tapping lightly on the desk with one hand, as they pondered how to fully brace the boots.

    Setting it down, they strode over to another table grabbing a small welder and some wires, and cloth from a chest.  Trotting back, Hanji handed Jean the wires and cloth. “Hold these inside and I’ll weld them in place!”

    Jean glanced wearily at the welder but after a moment slipped some wire into one of the boots, inserted some cloth, and another loop of wire to hold the cloth in place. Hanji waited until Jean moved his hands out of the way and then welded the wires together.  The two repeated this until both boots stood stiffly upright, yet were still soft inside.  

    “These should work,” Jean stated, grinning as he inspected the boots one more time, making sure no sharp wire could be felt through the cloth. “Now, how to make them ice-skates…”

    Hanji tapped the side of their chin in thought before snapping their fingers and rushing out of the room. They returned moments later with a pair of old rifles. Grabbing a hacksaw, Hanji removed a barrel from one and began sawing it in half lengthwise. Jean watched over their shoulder. Once finished, Hanji used the welder on the outer slope of a half gun barrel, heating it till it glowed faintly red. Hanji then quickly flicked the blue welder flame along the metal sole of a boot. They held a coil of shiny solder onto the half barrel, smirking a little as it melted like silver ice, then pushed a hand deep into a boot, and held it tightly to the sawn barrel. This was repeated on the other boot. After a few minutes, Hanji picked up a boot and shook it gently. Nothing moved. “Right, let that cool for a minute.”

    After a bit, Hanji checked the boots over, and then handed them over to Jean cheerfully. “You’ll need some too right?”

    Jean paused before nodding, he hadn’t thought of that. He ran back to the closet, grabbing a pair of boots in his own size.

    Hanji sawed the barrel from the other old gun in half, heated the old barrel and the metal soles, and held more soft solder against the red-hot surface. One at a time they attached the half-barrels to the soles of Jean’s new skates. Hanji checked the second pair over and then gave them to Jean. “Have fun on your little skating date~!”

    Jean sputtered briefly before blurting out a quick “Thank you for the help!” and rushing from the room.

    Jean walked slowly, giving the boots time to cool off. When he arrived at the small flat his boyfriend had been given, Jean made sure Marco wasn’t close by before he checked the boots were cool and then hid them in a bag just inside by the door.

    The bathroom door opened as Marco wheeled himself out. His face brightened at the sight of the other.  “Finished with that errand you needed to run?”

    “Yeah, babe.” Jean grinned to himself as he wriggled out of his coat and unwound his scarf. “…How’re your legs doing in this cold weather?”

    Marco shrugged, “So-so. Not great but not terribly painful.”

    Jean closed the distance between the two, bending down and kissing Marco softly. “Glad they’re not hurting you too bad, babe.” He gave the freckled boy another soft kiss. “Want your present tonight or tomorrow?”

     “You didn’t need to get me anything, just having you here with me is enough.”

    “As your boyfriend, it’s my job to spoil you whenever I can, Freckles.”

    Marco laughed softly, “Alright, alright. Tomorrow’s actually Christmas so how about tomorrow then?”

    Jean nodded, that worked. It would still be cold enough for ice tomorrow morning anyway.  “You have dinner yet?” Marco shook his head. “Good, me neither.”

    The two went to Marco’s kitchen area where Marco washed and peeled some carrots and potatoes while Jean lit the fire under the stove and placed a pot with water on top. Once the water started to boil Jean added the vegetables.

    After the two had their dinner, they went to bed early. Jean held Marco close, breathing in his earthy scent; he was glad to be home from the mission.

    In the morning, Marco woke up first. Yawning and stretching, the freckled noiret smiled fondly at his still sleeping lover.

    Jean soon blinked awake, grumbled something incoherent, and pulled Marco closer. Marco chuckled lightly and kissed Jean on the forehead. “Merry Christmas, Jean.”

    That seemed to wake Jean up. He kissed his freckled partner before getting up, picking Marco up with him.  “Merry Christmas, Marco.” Marco wrapped his arms tightly around Jean, though he trusted the other to not drop him.

    Jean carried Marco to the living room area, setting him gently on the couch.

    “Someone’s in a good mood,” Marco teased. Jean responded with a nod and a grin. “Well first, I want to give you my present.”

    “Oh, and after the ‘you didn’t have to get me anything’ last night?”

    “Yeah well, couldn’t help it,” Marco pointed to the main closet. “It’s the square-ish box in there.” Jean walked across the room, reached into the closet and grabbed the box, and then joined Marco on the couch.  He unwrapped the present and looked it over finding a lovely leather-bound sketchbook with a small case for erasers and pencils attached by a string. “I know you still like to draw but don’t always have time – this one you could probably take with you safely on missions and the case keeps things from getting lost.”

    Jean leaned forward, cupping Marco’s face softly with one hand while he kissed him. “Thank you.” He gently stroked Marco’s cheek with his thumb.  “My gift, we need to go out for. If you wanna eat first we can.”

    Marco shook his head. “I’m not hungry yet, if you’re not either we can go now.”

    Jean jumped up from the couch. “Great!” He rushed back into the bedroom area, grabbing one of Marco’s warm sweaters and some socks. Tossing those to Marco, Jean unlocked Marco’s wheelchair, pushing it over to where the noiret was pulling on the sweater.  Picking Marco up, Jean softly set him in the chair. He then slipped the bag with the skates into the net bag on the back of the chair.

    Once the two had coats, shoes and scarves on, Jean pushed Marco outside and locked the house.

    Jean took Marco down a few roads until they arrived at the small frozen lake. Jean brought the chair close to it before putting the breaks down. Marco looked up at Jean questioningly.

    “Yesterday I got the idea for these from some kids, and then made them with Hanji.” Jean pulled the bag from the net-bag and handed it to Marco. Marco opened the bag taking out the two pairs of skates. “Yours are the ones with the wire braces.”

    Marco handed Jean the un-braced ones and looked over the other pair. The welded together wires spaced evenly inside the boots with cloth made the boy grin. He nodded up at Jean. “I’d like to try them!”

    Jean quickly changed into his own before untying Marco’s boots and slipping the braced skates on him. He carefully tightened the belts and straps around the boots before tying them. “Feel ok so far?” Marco nodded. Jean picked Marco up and took the few steps closer to the frozen lake. He slowly set Marco on his feet but kept a tight hold on him just in case it didn’t work.

    Marco stood still but as he continued to stand, he gave Jean an excited grin.

    Pleased it worked; Jean stepped onto the ice as well. “Still ok?”

    Marco nodded, wrapping his arms around one of Jean’s arms. He then kissed Jean. “Thank you.” Jean kissed him back and then slowly started moving, keeping an arm around his lover. After a moment, Marco spoke up, “These’re really sturdy.  You can go faster.”

    “You got it, babe.” Jean gave stronger strides across the ice, soon going at a nice pace.

    Marco closed his uncovered eye with a contented sigh as the cold air rushing past them. “I didn’t think I’d ever get to do something like this again.” A smile spread across his lips. “I love you. You’re so wonderful to me.”

     This was definitely the right choice. Something Marco really needed more than just some throw-away gift. “I love you too, you’re worth it.”
Into The Nothing pic by 28CharactersLater
Into The Nothing pic

This is a scene that hasn’t happened yet but has been plotted to happen in a thread with cxrcuits with Marco, Darco, and Armin. The rp as well as the background thing I’m writing were titled by cxrcuits as “Into The Nothing.” This song’s title: here which is a really great name for a zombie apocalypse, the song itself fits really well too.

For the past few months I’ve decided that any time Darco isn’t Marco’s split personality they were going to need glasses, these…

though I’m not sure if I drew them close enough.

Darco’s called Martin “Marty” at first since they’re Marco’s twin and going with the theme I was giving to Marco’s two other siblings; Matilda “Mattie” (25) and Michael “Mikey” (9) back in April I thought it’s be better with an M name. Both Marco and Darco here are 16, like the age in canon.

This was the angle I was working with on my left 4 dead infected back in 2013, but rather than going full infected I went with part since, well if you look at those beautiful faces in that link there, one look from a survivor and yeah they’d be shot. plus it makes more sense with how they act more like survivors than zombies to be a carrier rather than “it’s docile and more like a human because. Just because no real reason.”


Headcanons and Verses

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 6:40 AM
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Because Tumblr has a love of updating and changing things without reason or warning, I'm going to be placing my Marco and Darco headcanons here as well as the verses on my rp blog.

About Muses

Marco Bodt:

  1. Marco has an older sister named Matilda she sometimes gives him the nickname Marco’roni, he also has a younger brother named Michael, he prefers to go by Mikey, who is autistic.
  2. Marco's mother is named Eliza Bodt, she does a lot of gardening and making teas. Marco's father is named Louis Bodt and he's a teacher.
  3. Marco makes a point of never swearing around other people.
  4. Marco is often referred to as innocent and pure, but that is mostly because he’s very good at keeping his dirtier thoughts to himself.
  5. Marco is also very good at hiding how he truly feels, often hiding depression or anxiety behind a cheerful smile because no one worries about someone smiling all the time.
  6. Marco is allergic to cats
  7. Marco knows Darco’s favorite thing to drink is hot chocolate, because of this he will use it as a bribe to get Darco to behave promising to always keep it in the house for good behavior.
  8. Marco is homosexual and homoromantic. Marco is very hesitant about others finding this out as he’s afraid of their reactions.
  9. Marco tends to go a little overboard when decorating for things like holidays.
  10. Marco’s favorite flower is a sunflower
  11. One of Marco’s hobbies is collecting rocks. If he likes them enough he’ll scrub them clean and keep them. It took a while but when he found out Darco kept stealing them for little projects Marco started saving a small collection for Darco
  12. If things were different and whats left of humanity wasn’t crammed behind three walls Marco and his family would be living in the Netherlands just outside Belgium since there’s where Marco’s family tree goes back to being from
  13. Marco can speak and is fluent in Dutch, German, French, and English. Dutch is the one he’s actually most comfortable with
  14. Marco can not cook anything ever no matter how hard he tries
  15. During graduation a girl Marco partially grew up with, trying to protect him, had him struck across a building which broke his legs in several places and a large piece of glass embedded in his right eye. For the next following few months Marco was kept in an underground bunker before he was actually found.
  16. Because of this Marco suffers from PTSD. He near constantly has dreams or sometimes triggered memories of when he was hurt.
  17. Marco’s goal of serving the king was to also get his family in the center wall to keep them safe but after his legs were broken he had to give up on that, no one thought a wheelchair bound solider would be much use to the king.
  18. When his split personality first started showing up, Marco was terrified of him. He didn’t know what he was being made to do, it could be anything and that scared him to no end.
  19. It took a lot of convincing to get his parents to reluctantly agree to not force him to just stay home after learning he was still alive.
  20. Marco, still seeing himself as a soldier, will try to keep his upper-body in shape with sit ups, pull ups, and any form of workout out that doesn’t involve the legs. He also will do this to help clear his mind when he’s upset or stressed.
  21. After a lot of work Marco can slowly walk short distances with the aid of a walker, but since it hurts he mostly just stays in the wheelchair


  1. Darco formed very early on in Marco’s mind though they were pretty much dormant until brought back out with his injury.
  2. To get that ‘evil’ look, whenever Darco is out they dress themself in mostly all black, insists on an eye patch with a skull and cross bone, and puts in a red color contact lens
  3. When Darco continued to come out more frequently, Marco was given lithium, which worked well for a while. However, during what would have been one of the last times of them showing up, Darco  found the pills, as well as that Marco had started to get rid of their ‘evil look’. Darco fixed that.
  4. Darco is very bad at being evil but they have their odd moments of achieving general creepiness as well as rude or meanness
  5. Whenever Darco is in control of the body Marco is completely blacked out and has no memory of anything said or done while he’s Darco. Alternatively Darco being just a personality that isn’t always out, blacks out when Marco is himself.
  6. Darco found out Marco hates swears and so they make sure they swear as much as possible and then sometimes leaves notes to tell Marco what they had him say.
  7. The only way Marco can talk to his split personality is for him to leave notes for Darco and for Darco to leave notes back to Marco
  8. A good hard slap is a quick way to get Darco out of control
  9. Darco had occasionally pretended to either still be Marco or having gone back to being Marco but the trick never lasted long before they accidentally give it away.
  10. Darco won’t admit it but their favorite flower is a daisy
  11. Despite also being slightly allergic, Darco is quite fond of cats, and keeps 7 hoarded in a room in the house Marco lives in. They’ve named them Cyanide, Rabies, Killer, Bloodbath, Carnage, Mittens, and Cookie. They have them dressed up in little costumes
  12. Depending on what it is, if you want Darco to do something for you, forbid them to do it. or if you don’t want them to do something tell them how much you do want them to do it
  13. Alternatively, if you offer them hot chocolate for doing something they will do it, no questions asked.
  14. There are few times Darco will willingly do something nice, most of the time when they’re doing these they will be pouting about being sweet.
  15. Darco sometimes drinks alcohol, though they don’t actually like the taste at all, they just does it to feel more adult than they actually feel sometimes
  16. Darco is Asexual and Aromantic
  17. Darco is gender-fluid. They prefer gender-neutral pronouns.During the times they feel female, Darco will go by the name Darcie.
  18. Darco keeps Marco’s legs shaved
  19. Darco likes making little costumes, they’ve made outfits for their cats and sometimes when they’re bored they’ll sow themselves something as well. They keep it a secret because they think it could be seen as a stupid hobby.
  20. Darco will sometimes take the rocks Marco collects and adds them to clothes or costumes they make
  21. Darco hates cleaning things
  22. Darco is absolutely petrified of blood. They whimper and shake uncontrollably around the stuff,
  23. Darco always acts over-confident and cocky, though that hides deep rooted insecurities from several different things. They also tend to doubt themself a lot.
  24. Anytime Darco does manage to form a friendship connection with someone they get very clingy to them and jealous when they’re around someone else, as well as worried they will lose interest in them.
  25. Being a split personality they often don’t even really understand their own existence, like why they were formed in Marco’s head rather than just being born like normal. They sometimes feel like a freak because of it.
  26. Darco is easily distracted by shiny things like a god-damn magpie.
  27. Darco is a kleptomaniac.

  • Canon:

Marco was following orders to protect Eren getting to the wall when he was badly hurt and his brain trying to cope with all the changes revived a split personality that had been lying dormant since his childhood. (More for this one is basically everything in the headcanons page)

  • Attack on Space:

When Marco had gone down to fix the connection with the engines, and was almost out of time once he was finished, he really was just going to give up and go out knowing that he had at least helped.  While awaiting death, a shifter pulled him out in enough time to save his life, although he lost his legs around the knees. She kept him for a while before finally he was able to reunite with the others. This is the only verse Marco isn’t permanently wheelchair-bound in. Like when Sasha had her arm cut off and was given a prosthetic one, in this verse after some time Marco is given prosthetic legs, though he struggles to get used to them and while he isn’t bound to it, will use the chair on days when the stumps just really hurt. 

Marco’s blocked out a lot of what he saw and felt down in the engine but Darco actually remembers everything from down there.

  • Modern:

Marco had been in a car accident shortly after getting his driver’s license. The accident paralyzed his legs so while he’ll never walk again at least it doesn’t hurt. Darco still formed in his head, though it was just from the accident and medication. In this one only Darco can sometimes be a voice in Marco’s head and because of this Marco thinks he’s gone insane. (This is the only one that ignores some headcanons about Marco and Darco only able to communicate through notes. My titan shifter also doesn’t exist here)

  • Ghost:

From any of the other verses this takes place with Marco having actually died. They both don’t need wheelchairs since they can float around. This is the only one where the two of them are around at the same time and come off as twins. They have angel wings, though Darco rolls around in dirt often trying to make them darker. Darco often complains about looking like a pigeon.

  • Street-rat:

(In this verse who ever joins in would either be helping Marco, be someone who orders him to do things in the police, or is a fellow homeless person who teams up with Darco)

Darco grew up on the streets, as far as they know anyway. They have no memory of anything about their life before waking up in an alley one day with nothing and just trying to survive. They weren’t able to get a job of any kind, they didn’t even know their own name so they resorted to stealing if they needed something. The only things they actually own are the clothes they wear and a pair of clear-framed glasses.

Marco is a newly recruited member of the police (Military Police if done in canon) He’s ordered to deal with some of the homeless problem. Instead he takes Darco in and tries to help them sort their life out. Living on the streets gave Darco some rather bad habits. Some they were able to break but others refused to die.

  • Zombie Apocalypse:

Marco and Darco are twin brothers. Darco’s original name was Marty before they started going by a nickname. Darco wears a pair of clear-framed glasses and sometimes an eye-patch over their infected yellow eye.

At the start of the outbreak Marco was injured trying to help people escape and thus has to rely on his brother to help him get around. The two joined a small group for safety. but when a large horde of the undead attacked, the group was forced to split up. In the process of shoving Marco and his wheelchair into a hot-wired car, Darco was bitten on the arm. However they didn’t turn, not fully. The fact that Darco had survived the infection gave the brothers a new hope. If they could get Darco studied, maybe a cure or at least a way to keep the infection at bay could be developed. Because of technically being infected, the other zombies don’t really attack Darco. They may sniff confusedly but ultimately wander away. However because of technically being infected no other groups will allow both of them to join in and Marco refuses to abandon his brother. So the two keep traveling alone, looking out for each-other.

  • Asylum:

(Any Verse where Darco is a split personality)

Rather than getting the help he needs, Marco is instead locked away as insane where the isolation makes the normally talkative extrovert much quieter and a lot less hopeful.



United Kingdom

Name: Varies from my actual name, Emily, to Marco

Age: 25

I have 28 characters ask if you want to know about them.

sex: Female

Likes/loves: my family, my kitty, my Characters, Marco, Darco, Attack on Titan, Zombies, Transformers, Portal, My Little Pony, Anime, L4D,L4D2, making characters, role-playing, making friends, trying to draw, trying to write, making videos, the color purple, foxes

Dislikes/hates: thieves, people who are rude

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Favorite genre of music: Basically all
Favorite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Wallpaper of choice: my characters
Favorite cartoon character: Marco Bodt and Jean Kirschtein (Attack on Titan)

I have a Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan rp blog. feel free to do whatever to him. he has a split personality, Darco, feel free to harass him too.


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