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if you had a character and an account to RP as said character and you spelt the name one way in the account name but then were bothered by the spelling but can’t change the account name what do you do? 

7 deviants said change it in the areas you Can change it, move on and stop whining
3 deviants said complain about REAL problems and not character name spelling proplems?
1 deviant said not change it if it wont match the account name anymore
1 deviant said my god all you ever do in polls is complain about sh*t!


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Feb 15, 2015
:icon28characterslater:28CharactersLater has changed their username (formerly Haruka13666)
“That’s fuckin’ stupid looking.”

Jean sighed. Great. Looked like Marco was no longer with him and instead he was gifted with the wonderful ball of joy, Darco. Jean really wasn’t fond of the split personality.  The target of that remark was a large red heart pillow with pink lacy frills around the edge.

“Well it’s a good thing it’s not for you then,” Jean said in an annoyed tone. “Can you piss off? I’m trying to spend the day with Marco. Didn’t the two of you work out a thing to swap every Other day?”

The noirette teen didn’t bother to respond and instead wheeled himself away. Jean groaned exasperatedly, following after.

He stopped in front of a display of teddy bears holding bright red hearts. Darco made a disgusted face. “Whoever would actually get something like that needs to be punched in the face.”

For the next few hours it pretty much went like that: Jean chasing after him while Darco insulted various Valentine’s Day items.

It took a while but finally Marco was able to retake control over his body, though like always it left him feeling disorientated and confused over how much time he had lost.

Later that day, the two were relaxing on a couch when Marco suddenly forcibly shoved Jean off the couch indicating Darco’s return.

“Goddammit! Can you just leave us alone for today at least?!” Jean shouted, getting up from the floor.

The split personality knew he was breaking some rules by repeatedly coming out like this, but winding the two-toned haired teen up was just too much fun to pass up.  “So where’s mine? You’re fattening Marco up with chocolates and shit, where’s mine?”

What the hell? “Well for starters you don’t deserve anything, and you didn’t Want anything. When you were hijacking him earlier you were insulting everything. Even things with chocolates,” Jean stated, wondering where the alter was even trying to go with this.
“That didn’t mean I didn’t want anything.”

“You said if someone had the nerve to give you any of those things you’d shove them off a building!” Granted, quite a big claim for someone who gets whimpery when he accidentally kills a bug and is downright terrified of blood. But still.

“Ppft that’s just a figure of speech,” Darco sneered, shrugging.

Just wanting this to end, without having to resort to slapping Darco out of control, this time, Jean huffed in frustration. “If I get you something chocolaty will you fuck off?”
“Yeah sure whatever.”

Jean stomped off, coming back an hour later and tossing a red and pink chocolate heart at Darco. “There. Eat it and then piss off.”

Darco looked over the small box before throwing it, hitting Jean in the face.  “I don’t want that one.”

Wincing and rubbing his face, Jean really wanted to slap Darco, but he didn’t want to hit Marco who would be the one to feel it after the other relinquished the driver’s seat. However that did give him an idea. Jean sat back down on the couch next to the other. “Well if you don’t want the valentine’s chocolate, you’ll have to settle for a valentine’s kiss.”

Darco’s smirk fell as he backed up on the couch. After some slight squirming the split personality finally fled back into Marco’s mind.

Marco blinked a few times, rubbing his head. “Uggh, he did it again, didn’t he…”

“Yeah, but I think threatening to kiss him scared him off for a while at least.”

Marco snickered. Yeah that would do it. The freckled teen rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “We should probably make sure he’s really gone,” he said, a light blush dusting over his freckles.

Jean tilted his boyfriend’s head slightly, kissing him softly.
Darco and Valentine's Day
Mostly just Darco being a little shit and interrupting Jean and Marco's little date.
Young Michael looked around his backyard, it was a warm day in early summer.  The herbs his mother grew to make her teas were just starting to grow up from the soil. As well as the cherry-tomatoes he had been allowed to help plant. The open gate had vines growing on it.

This was one of the first times it had been left open, so filled with curiosity Michael ran over to the gate and looked out at the dirt and grass covered path leading away from his home and up to the cobbled main street. He could see his next door neighbor walking their family pet who his brother let him play with a few times.

A sudden meow from a passing tabby caught the boy’s attention. His brother loved cats, maybe he could catch it for him. Michael started to follow the feline down the cobbled street, though slowly because this was the first time out on his own.

The cat suddenly darted down a narrow dirt path covered with tangled weeds and vines. Michael hesitated before continuing to follow the cat, it was hard to see down the darker path but when he did, it didn’t seem that bad at first. If it was this narrow he might be able to catch the cat. However when he saw the large beginnings of a forest he really wished his brother or sister was with him, it was intimidating.

Taking a deep breath, Michael ran a little to catch up with the cat. The forest trees were huge and went up for what looked like miles to the small child though still being able to see daylight coming in from the top made him feel a little better. Nervously walking after the tabby he tried to not touch anything remembering horror stories his sister told him. After what seemed like hours the trees finally seemed to have an end ahead of him.

Following the cat out of the forest Michael found himself in an open field. The type of field his older siblings sometimes played games with him in, though this one was different. It was larger and with higher grass. The cat he had been following darted up to the two story white house that had a smell of pie coming from it. The smell was calming and reminded Michael that he hadn’t had breakfast yet.

The cat ran through an open flap on the bottom of the large front door. Michael walked slowly up to the house after crossing the field and stared up at the door. The flap was too small to crawl through but he still wanted to find the cat so he looked around the door itself. It was painted a dark red and had what looked to be a rose carved into it. Though other than the locked large handle there was no other way to open the door.

Not being able to find any other way into the house, Michael looked around before spotting an old skeleton key on the ground. Picking it up, Michael first thought maybe he shouldn’t go into the house. It wasn’t his, but there was something drawing him in with curiosity. Maybe just a peek wouldn’t hurt. Pushing the key into the lock and turning it until he heard the mechanical click of the door being unlocked, the door swung open with a quiet creak.

Inside Michael couldn’t understand what he was seeing because it didn’t make sense, but at the same time his earlier nervousness had been forgotten, as well as the cat. There was candy everywhere filling the room with sweet, sour, and pepper-minty aromas. There weren’t any lights in the house, that could be seen, and yet it wasn’t dark for some reason. There was a river of pink water flowing through one of the rooms and Michael was reminded of a bedtime story his mother told him one night as it splashed around tables and chairs.

Excited now, Michael ran inside to explore as much as he could so he could tell his family that the house from Mother’s bedtime story was real and close to home. Maybe they could all come back together some time. Taking a seat next to the pink river, the cat came back up and Michael started to pet it while imagining how fun it will be with the rest of his family there too.
Michael finds a fantasy house

This was the first assignment in a writing class. there are mistakes because we were only allowed 20 minutes after being given the prompt for this. I used the little brother I’ve given to Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan. Though there is nothing really attack on titan-ish Anything here. specially that reality breaking house

yeah so Marco’s little autistic brother goes on a bit of a journey here.

Darco's little poster by 28CharactersLater
Darco's little poster

Darco made a poster promoting pissing people off evil

both sex signs as he’s gender-fluid with little devil horns at the top

I don’t have an excuse except maybe Darco hijacked My brain rather than Marco’s to plant this idea? in there.

I should draw Darco wearing a little bowtie more often no I shouldn’t

This is what happens when you have Darco as a muse.

new years Marco and Darco by 28CharactersLater
new years Marco and Darco

Happy New Year!

just for this I have separated them mostly just to have Darco piss Marco off by getting drunk off his ass and be an annoying and slightly cuddly drunk.

they are also separated in this just so Darco gets to be in one of his more female outfits, things he prefers sometimes.

Marco looks like he’s about two seconds away from shoving Darco off his lap


No More DA, FF.Net, Tumblr, etc

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 5:10 AM
  • Reading: a fic i'm writing for Jack's birthday
  • Eating: pea soup
  • Drinking: pineapple, guava and lime juice

Tony Abbott is about the sign off on possibly the worst power grab we’ve ever seen. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

If he signed this, your internet provider would be FORCED to POLICE YOUR ACTIVITY, and report everything you do online. There would be NO anonymous browsing, no “incognito” modes, no torrenting, no file sharing, NOTHING. Fanfics, fanarts, fanvids, ANYTHING thought to breach ANY kind of copyright, even in a completely harmless way, would be reported, and after THREE STRIKES, you WILL BE SENTENCED. 

You thought SOPA was bad? That is NOTHING compared to the TPP. 


quote taken from the journal I found out about this from since I couldn't really word it better

I looked into this and it actually is something that is happening, here is a link to the petition:…



United Kingdom

Name: my nicknames vary from Haruka to Marco

Age: 24

I have 28 characters ask if you want to know about them.

sex: Female

Likes/loves: my family, my kitty, my Characters, Marco, Darco, Attack on Titan, Transformers, Portal, My Little Pony, Anime, L4D,L4D2, making characters, role-playing, making friends, trying to draw, trying to write, making videos, the color purple, foxes

Dislikes/hates: thieves, people who are rude

Current Residence: my imagination
Favorite genre of music: Basically all
Favorite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Wallpaper of choice: my characters
Favorite cartoon character: Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan)
Personal Quote: What The Douche?!, you hoe, and HA HA .. wait what?

I have a Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan rp blog. feel free to do whatever to him. he has a split personality, Darco, feel free to harass him too.

My Transformer Accounts owo


Edit: though i dont tend to go to them anymore D:, and the character of Firefly isnt even a character of mine anymore, deleted her profile and such

Stamps i made

Transformers 4 AoE by 28CharactersLaterThundercracker Stamp by 28CharactersLaterStarscream Stamp by 28CharactersLaterSunstorm Stamp by 28CharactersLaterTransformers 2007 stamp by 28CharactersLaterTransformers RotF stamp by 28CharactersLaterTransformers DotM stamp by 28CharactersLaterFact Sphere Stamp by 28CharactersLaterAcidstorm Stamp by 28CharactersLaterSunny x Acidstorm stamp by 28CharactersLaterSkywarp Stamp by 28CharactersLater

Support and Fan Stamps

Lyme Disease Stamp by Vallhund-AbstraktionObama Support Stamp by Avell-AngelBay Support by AleximusPrimeBreast Cancer Awareness Stamp by pillze69Portal 2: Wheatly Stamp by Wynau-ruPro-Choice by ZOMBIExBiteObama Stamp by creativitysucksObama 2012 Stamp by ewotionAdventure Core- "Rick"  Stamp by AngryBunny22SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE, the stamp by BlueTabooSlash in character by SA948-StampsSupport Obama by Shelly-oneechanStamp: Characters are children by JammerleeDigital Attraction by HalloweenSoraBisexual and proud stamp by deviantStampsBisexual Stamp by AirieFeristoLove because I said so stamp by littleporkchopI Love ThunderCracker Stamp by amayawindninjaNostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-SweetStamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerekThundercracker stamp by ToniPendragonLove by IshdakittyHad to be said... by PristichampsusSupport GAY marriage by emmilStamp- support abortion by AmelieRosenInfernoxRed Stamp by sallychanDexter stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSDecepticon Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSSeeker Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirlStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirli love rain by stuff-by-hagridStamp - Canon Figures by artoniSLASH FAN STAMP by coraza-de-aceroLove to make OCs by railaTF Slash and Fembots Stamp by FallenAngelAerith


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